CBU President David Wheeler Goes Head to Head with CAPERS Soccer Program

Orange against Orange.









President Wheeler, a competitive and enthusiastic soccer player, will take on the women’s and men’s CAPERS soccer teams in the President’s Penalty Shootout in support of the CAPERS soccer programs and Unicef Canada. The shootout is set to take place at the conclusion of each of the men’s and women’s soccer games against UNB on October 5 at the Cape Breton Health Recreation Complex.

20 penalty kicks for President Wheeler
10 penalty kicks for the CBU Women’s Soccer Team
10 penalty kicks for the CBU Men’s Soccer Team

2 $500 prize draw winners

Tickets are $20. For more information or to purchase a ticket in support of CAPERS soccer program contact Lindsey MacIntosh at 902-563-1199 or lindsey_macintosh@cbu.ca