CBU Presents at Association of Atlantic Universities’ Showcase Conference

CBU had a strong showing of new teaching and learning initiatives at the Showcase Conference of the Association of Atlantic Universities hosted on October 29 at Mount. Saint Vincent University in Halifax, N.S. The Showcase Conference is a vigorous peer-reviewed conference, with published proceedings, on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and is held annually at one of the university campuses in Atlantic Canada. Presenters from CBU showcased their initiatives in sciences, arts and education at four workshop and seminars to 127 participants.

“It was a great experience to interact with like-minded and enthusiastic faculty”, said Dr. Geoffrey Lee-Dadswell, Associate Professor of Physics and 2010 CBU Instructional Leadership Award recipient, who presented his methodology of group and supergroup interactions for active learning in a physics course. Lee-Dadswell also participated in a teaching retreat sponsored by the presidents of Atlantic universities. This one-day retreat is held for all institutional teaching award winners at Atlantic universities before the AAU Showcase conference.

Mindy R. Carter, Assistant Professor in Education who joined CBU in March 2011, presented her work on “A/R/T-ography” an interactive arts based educational research method and process for art teacher education in the BEd program that involved students in a collaborative project based learning initiative that was presented to the community at the successful Lumiere “Contemporary Art . Unconventional Spaces” event in Sydney, NS on October 1-2.

Dr. Peter MacIntyre and Dr. Tom Urbaniak, Professor of Psychology and Associate Professor of Political Science, introduced with Eileen Smith-Piovesan, Coordinator for Teaching and Learning, the community-teaching series at CBU. A series of lively talk shows — bringing together members of the university community and the broader community — resulted in changes to CBU's Teaching and Learning Policy to better reflect the strong community-university relationship. 

Dr. Matthias Bierenstiel, Associate Professor of Chemistry, demonstrated his newly developed teaching method for the periodic table of the elements, a method that unlike standard chemistry textbooks provides a step-by-step guided interactive in-class activity for first year science students to understand the regular periodic trends of the periodic table. Bierenstiel, also the new Faculty Liaison for Teaching and Learning at CBU since July 2011, says “The showcase conference was a great opportunity to not only show a new teaching method but to also participate in creating a network with other faculty in order to learn from each other and assist each other in improving the learning of our students.”