CBU Hosts Mall of Science Event for Local Youth

Eye balls, Edible Insects and Much More

On Saturday, May 5, Cape Breton University is hosting a Mall of Science at the Mayflower Mall from 1-5 pm, which will engage youth in hands-on science activities and exciting demonstrations. The Mall of Science is part of the national Science Rendezvous initiative to promote science awareness within communities.

Science Rendezvous highlights the importance of science and its relevance to the community through inquiry-based, hands-on science activities. The event is designed to bring science and its practitioners, including faculty and student volunteers from CBU’s Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Nursing just to name a few, face-to-face with the public.

“Science Rendezvous strives to encourage a public understanding that science affects their daily lives and that it is a worthy educational and career path for our youth,” says event organizer Chantelle Cormier.

Parents are also encouraged to participate in the many activities such as making homemade ice cream using liquid nitrogen, exploring the stars in the planetarium, participating in a dino-dig, and enjoying a chemistry magic show with their children. By getting youth excited about science at a young age, CBU and Science Rendezvous hope that interest will continue to grow throughout their life guiding them towards becoming innovators and stewards and enriching the community. 

“It works to engage and transform the general public from passive supporters of science and technology to active and passionate champions who will develop a basic understanding of the important role science plays in our rapidly changing world,” says Cormier. “Some of the most popular activities to take part in are making your own telescope, edible insects and the walking on water activity. “

Science Rendezvous is a annual festival which engages over 75,000 youth from across the country. The event was created by Professor R. J. Dwayne Miller of the University of Toronto in 2007. The goal of the event is to encourage youth in local communities to look at science and its relative fields as possible education options. This is particularly important for young females that typically do not choose to pursue Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, or Engineering as a higher education.

For more information on the Mall of Science event, contact Chantelle Cormier at chantelle_cormier@cbu.ca.