CBU Education Faculty Member Awarded Best Paper

Maureen Finlayson has been an educator for more than thirty years, working in the classroom at numerous levels of education and as a curriculum consultant with the School Board and Department of Education.  She is currently an Assistant Professor of Teacher Education at Cape Breton University as well as a recent winner of the Best Paper Award. She received this award from the Literacy Information and Computer Education Journal, at the London International Conference on Education (LICE) where her paper was the chosen out of 935 entries from around the world. The topic of her paper was Perspectives of African Canadian Students.

Married with two children and four grand children, Maureen loves to take the time to swim, travel, read and has a strong passion for research. She devotes her studies to addressing diversity and justice issues, in particular gender justice and anti-racism education. She also focuses on the inclusion of minority groups in the classroom; curriculum development and the exploration of assessment practices in education, as well as Math anxiety.

With strong academic qualifications, a B.Sc.(Math) and B.Ed. from the University of Montreal; MA (Religious Studies) from McGill University; MEd (Educational Foundations) from Mount Saint Vincent University; and PhD (French) from University of Montreal, Maureen also demonstrates  the importance of education through her own resume.

Prior to CBU, Maureen worked as curriculum consultant and professional development leader for the African Canadian Services Division of the Nova Scotia Department of Education. This provided her with the opportunity to explore the gaps in all curricula, in the resources, and in the training of teachers, with regard to the infusion African Heritage. As a result of this process, Maureen has been directly involved in writing the curriculum documents for English 12: African Heritage Language Arts and for African Canadian Studies 11. She has also taken a leadership role in the preparation and implementation a textbook used for African Canadian Studies 11.

At CBU, Maureen has completed research projects exploring the obstacles, challenges and strategies for success of African Canadian educators and students. She has presented this research at International Conferences in Education in Toronto; Dublin, Ireland; Hawaii; London, UK. Maureen has also been asked by the organizing committee of these International Conferences to chair sessions as well.

Recently in London, Maureen has chaired the session entitled: Cross-disciplinary Areas of Education. Maureen has published articles in the Canadian Journal of Education, in Aviso, and in the proceedings of the international conferences. She serves on several committees at CBU where she is the Chair of the Research Ethics Board and is a member of Senate. She also serves on the Degree, Diploma and Certificate Committee; Admissions Committee for B.Ed. students; and the Quality Assurance Committee for the School of Professional Studies.