CBU – CBUFA talks break off

Cape Breton University (CBU) and the Cape Breton University Faculty Association (CBUFA) met yesterday, January 5, to continue discussions around next steps for a Collective Agreement, having also met on two occasions in late December. Though the teams met with the assistance of a Provincial Conciliator, regretfully the parties were unable to conclude a tentative agreement and no further talks are scheduled at this time.

During the December meetings, CBU’s negotiating team presented an amended proposal to CBUFA on the layoff language (article 39). This article was identified as CBUFA’s number one priority. Essentially, the proposal offered significant concessions including:

Termination of the layoff process started in January 2016; meaning the current possibility of CBUFA layoffs would be off the table
A commitment of no layoff of CBUFA members during the life of the new collective agreement (June 2019)
More rigorous criteria for a future triggering of Article 39 by CBU

Additionally, with the next collective agreement negotiations expected to begin in June 2019 there would be more opportunities for the parties to discuss specifics of lay-off language. Regrettably, an agreement was still not reached.

CBUFA has been in a legal strike (stop work) position since December 26, 2016. CBUFA must provide 48 hours notice of its intent to strike. At this time, no notice of a labour interruption has been received.

More information can be found on the CBU website on the CBUFA Negotiations update page.