CBU Board of Governors Approve 2012-13 Operating Budget

The Cape Breton University (CBU) Board of Governors was tasked today with making significant decisions as they addressed and approved the 2012-13 Operating Budget of close to $43 million.

CBU President and Vice-Chancellor John Harker noted that, “The budget document presented to the Board is a result of focused institutional and academic planning. Considering the recent cuts imposed by the provincial government to university operating grant funding, which came on top of the 4 per cent cut imposed on last year’s financial year, the 2012-13 budget is highly responsible and, in particular, mindful of current enrolment objectives and our focus on maintaining and enhancing student services.”

The budget proposal, approved by the Board, incorporates the 3 per cent reduction in the university operating grants, which was announced by the Nova Scotia Government earlier this year. The document is based upon outcomes of the ongoing planning process at CBU, with decisions being made while being conscious of continuous funding discussions with the Province, tuition increases and enrolment numbers.  

Gordon MacInnis, Vice-President, Finance and Operations adds, “The document strives to maintain financial flexibility where possible especially given the financial uncertainties being faced by the post-secondary education sector in Nova Scotia. In the past CBU has benefited from a multi-year planning approach, but until clarity is gained as to the level of provincial funding for a multi-year period long-term planning will be challenging. Sound planning in recent years, important reinvestment strategies and increased growth in international student enrolment are the driving factors of 2012-13 budget.”