CBU Art Gallery to Host Community Wide Exhibition

ProletariART 2012: The People’s Art Exhibit

For fifteen years, the Cape Breton University Art Gallery has hosted the Student, Faculty, Staff & Alumni Exhibition (SFS&A). This year marks the first annual exhibition that will be open to the entire community. ProletariArt 2012: The People’s Art Exhibit will be the first time that the general public, alongside the CBU community, will have the opportunity to participate in this open call exhibition.

Laura Schneider Director/Curator of the CBU Art Gallery explains, “The idea of the Student, Faculty, Staff and Alumni Exhibition is something that comes from art schools, or universities that offer degrees in the visual arts. At CBU, because the SFS&A show has always included artists from across the university, regardless of training, we thought that it seemed a bit limiting to exclude members of the broader public. There are many talented amateur artists working in the community that are not directly affiliated with CBU but who make our community richer because of their love of the arts, we thought that it was time that we invited them to become a part of our annual tradition”

The Gallery has posted its Call for Submissions at www.cbu.ca/art-gallery/upcoming-exhibitions for artists who are interested in participating. The submission form is also available at that site and must accompany any submissions of artwork. The deadline for submissions is January 13. The exhibition runs from January 27, 2012- February 24, 2012.

For more information, contact Graham Iddon at the CBU Art Gallery at graham_iddon@cbu.ca or 563-1342