CBU Art Gallery Seeks Expertise from Artists and Members of the Mining Community for Collaborative Exhibition

The Cape Breton University (CBU) Art Gallery has partnered with the Glace Bay Miners’ Museum to present a collaborative workshop featuring artists Gary Blundell and Victoria Ward of Minden, ON. Blundell and Ward are interested in the enormous economic, environmental and social impacts that coal has on communities.

Ward and Blundell will be in the region in order to develop a new body of work based on mining in Cape Breton and are looking to work with other artists and collaborate with community members who can share their knowledge and experience with the subject. 

Gary Blundell, Cap House Colliery Seam, 2011, oil on carved wood, 91cm x 61cm

All participants will be encouraged to create an artistic response to the history and legacy of mining in Industrial Cape Breton, but those who simply want to share their knowledge of the subject are welcome. “We’re really excited to get the community involved in this unique project,” says Laura Schneider, Director and Curator of the CBU Art Gallery. “The artists feel very privileged to have the chance to visit the island and connect with the wealth of experience here. We hope that knowledge-bearers, storytellers and creative types will want to get involved; to share their tales verbally and visually. It’s going to be a lot of fun!”

Victoria Ward, Kellingly Colliery Study 4, 2011, acrylic and photo on wood, 41 cm x 41 cm

The overall outcome of the workshop will be revealed in an exhibition scheduled to take place in spring of 2015 when Ward and Blundell’s work will be exhibited alongside pieces produced by members of the community. 

The workshop will take place throughout from Monday, July 21 – Saturday, June 26 and can be tailored to meet participant’s schedules. A kick-off session is scheduled for Monday, July 21 at 6 p.m. at the Miners’ Museum. Anyone wishing to take part can contact Laura Schneider atlaura_schneider@cbu.ca or 563-1342.