CBU and Gavin Uhma Recruiting Students for New Technology Entrepreneurship Program

Cape Breton University’s Shannon School of Business, Volta Labs, and GoInstant’s Gavin Uhma are looking for 10 aspiring tech entrepreneurs.

Together Uhma, Volta Labs, and the Shannon School of Business are launching UIT, a pilot program that is a first in the world of technology and business education. UIT teaches students the methods behind the world’s most successful startups. The open source curriculum is designed by proven entrepreneurs and technology professionals from around the globe. Through the 11-month program, students will learn technology and business skills leading up to the launch of their own product.

"The reason for the program is simple," says Uhma. "There are technology companies in the region that are succeeding, but it's difficult for them to expand because they can't find people with the right skills. With a combined entrepreneurship and technology program, we can support the growth of existing companies, and we can inspire new companies to start."

Graduates of the program might start a company, join an existing company, or continue on to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration from CBU. The program is only accepting 10 students in the first year, so applicants must make an effort to stand out. “We’re looking for people who display creativity, work ethic, and an entrepreneurial spirit," says Uhma.

Dean of the Shannon School of Business Dr. David Rae adds, "The Shannon School of Business is inspired by this visionary project. There is a strong entrepreneurial spirit in Cape Breton that can thrive and flourish with the shared commitment to harness its full potential."

UIT will guarantee half of the program’s seats to women. In the first year, all successful applicants receive a financial award to help cover their student costs.

To apply to the program please visit: uitstartup.org