CBU adjusting dates for best interest of students

Cape Breton University has adjusted course drop dates and payment deadlines in light of an announcement by the Cape Breton University Faculty Association that they may choose to interrupt the student educational experience. That announcement came late last night on the eve of what otherwise would have been the due date (January 13, 2017) for payment of winter 2017 academic fees and also the last date for students to drop courses without financial penalty.

“Over the last few weeks and days, our students have let us know that they are very concerned about a potential labour interruption and what this means for them,” says Gordon MacInnis, Vice President of Finance and Operations. “We want to reassure our students that we will be as flexible as possible to ensure that they continue to work toward their academic goals, uninterrupted.”

The only outstanding issue in reaching a collective agreement remains Article 39 (the layoff clause). The University proposed an amended offer in mid December that removed the current threat of layoffs and committed to not initiating any layoff during the course of the three-year agreement. It was the university’s hope that the timing of the offer would have provided stability for its faculty and students in advance of the winter 2017 term. Although the threat of layoff was identified as the union’s number one concern, no agreement was reached.

“The University made significant concessions in its proposed language and is really focused on providing a fair offer for the sake of our students, CBUFA members and all university employees, as well as the broader Cape Breton community,” says MacInnis.

CBUFA must provide 48 hours notice of any job action, and at this time, no official notice of a labour interruption has been received by CBU. Though CBU is disappointed in CBUFA’s decision, the administration remains hopeful that a resolution can be reached without job action.

More information can be found on the CBU – CBUFA Negotiations page. Questions not listed in the FAQ’s can also be submitted for consideration.

The following adjustments are now in effect:

Students will now have until January 27, 2017, to drop a course without academic or financial penalty

The payment deadline for winter term fees has been adjusted from January 13, 2017 to January 27, 2017.

The date that you are eligible for a 75% refund has been adjusted from January 27, 2017 to February 10, 2017.

There will be no change in the ability to ADD a course. Today is the last day to add courses.