CBU 2011-12 Enrolment Results Favourable

CBU official enrolment numbers reported to the Atlantic Association of Universities for the 2011-12 academic year show very positive results for CBU.  According to President John Harker, there are several encouraging indicators that speak to both growth and stability. “In a highly competitive recruitment environment, CBU continues to be a vibrant, growing campus that is attracting students to a wide range of programs.  Overall there is a 4.5 per cent increase in full-time enrolment numbers over last year, a clear indicator that CBU is a university of choice for students from around the globe.”

CBU is proud of its place in the community and continues to do well in the local marketplace capturing 80 per cent of high school graduates attending university. For the second year in a row the overall number of students entering directly from high school is up. International enrolment continues to climb, with a significant increase of 69.9 per cent, up 283 students over the same period last year.  These students tend to seek business programs such as the BBA and the Bachelor of Hospitality & Tourism Management degree. Enrolment in the Bachelor of Business Administration has increased by 26.6 per cent and the Bachelor of Hospitality program has experienced a 43.7 per cent growth, The Engineering Diploma program, the two year transfer program which can lead to the degree of Bachelor of Engineering, is also one that interests international students and enrolment in that program has increased by 77.4 per cent. 

At present, CBU is home to slightly more than 700 international students from 27 countries, with the largest contingent of students coming from China, followed by Saudi Arabia. CBU’s success in the International market is due to on-going recruitment efforts and the presence of the International Centre for English Academic Preparation as students build a connection with CBU and transfer to CBU programs. The increase in Saudi Arabian students is linked to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Scholarship program.

Canada’s only MBA in Community Economic Development also continues to attract students from around the globe, with enrolment now nearing 120 students from Canada alone.  Nursing and Education at CBU are fully subscribed programs with substantial waiting lists. 

Additional numbers of students call for on-going assessment of student service needs and adjustments to classroom and facilities use. According to Harker, “Demographic and fiscal challenges for the post-secondary sector in the Atlantic region are not to be ignored and we continue to seek creative and innovative solutions specific to these challenges. At the same time it is great news to see CBU student numbers expand. I know CBU is strong academically and with both new and improved research, recreational, residence and dining options on campus, these results indicate that we are every bit as competitive as any university in the region.”