Cape Breton University Marks International Education Week

International Education Week is recognized from November 15-19 in more than 100 countries throughout the world, and Cape Breton University has plenty of reasons to join the celebration.

President John Harker notes that international education can take many forms “CBU continues to build on its long standing tradition of building international programs and partnerships. One significant component of this activity is our increase in international student enrolment, but we also have an impact in more than 40 countries worldwide through student and faculty exchanges, research collaborations, articulation agreements, faculty publishing, and customized training programs.”

This year there has been a 27 per cent increase in international students coming to study here – a positive impact for both the University and the local economy. In addition to the 500 students from more than 43 countries studying at CBU there are also a few hundred more studying English at the International Centre for English Academic Preparation, the language centre located on campus. As well, CBU recently placed in the top ten in international student enrolment in the 2010 MacLean’s University Rankings.

CBU is focused on developing and implementing innovative strategies to strengthen performance in the international arena. A CBU office has been established in Beijing to help build on the success in that country. The Canadian International College (CIC) in Cairo, Egypt, is another great example of CBU’s experience building strong international partnerships. By providing quality assurance and ensuring a priority of academic excellence, the CIC/CBU relationship is thriving with 2,400 students. Recently, CBU Global was initiated as a coordinating arm aimed at expanding and strengthening internationalization efforts for the university.

“CBU recognizes its responsibility to graduate global citizens” says President Harker “As we mark International Education Week; we hope that the community will warmly welcome all who travel to study here.”