Cape Breton University Lights Campus the Environmentally Friendly Way

Cape Breton University is one step closer to meeting its goal of being an energy self sufficient campus by being the first university in the province to have LED lighting completely illuminating its road ways and parking lots. LED lights will reduce campus energy usage as well as reduce maintenance costs as a result of their longevity. The University is working with the Nova Scotia based company, LED Roadway Lighting Ltd.

“At Cape Breton University we are focused on environmental sustainability. This is evident through the innovative work being carried out at CBU’s new Verschuren Centre as well as other projects that, although smaller in scale, still make a significant reduction to our energy consumption. We are looking at the entire campus infrastructure to see where more improvements can be made and are dedicated to upgrading our facilities to meet the environmental standards of tomorrow,” says CBU President John Harker.

There are approximately 100 exterior lights on campus that are set to be replaced with LED lighting.  In addition to upgrading the exterior lighting system, Cape Breton University is also committed to expanding the use of LED lighting to inside buildings on campus. Like many universities, most of CBU’s campus was designed and built at a time when energy costs were much lower.  Currently, the university is also preparing to upgrade its equipment control systems to meet the highest energy efficiency standards.

“I am delighted that CBU is the first campus in Nova Scotia to implement a comprehensive LED road way lighting system and I am sure others will follow. This project exemplifies the vision of Cape Breton University and the direction we are heading in as an institution. We are seen as a leader in environmental sustainability and projects like this strengthen our reputation in this area,” says Harker. “The LED system also contributes greatly to safety on a university campus, and this is a priority at CBU.”

This project received funding support from the Nova Scotia Government’s Excellence and Innovation program. The LED lighting and control systems upgrade is expected to begin this summer.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Cape Breton University on this project.  This is a great example of a forward-thinking institution with a clear sustainability plan.  By converting to LED technology, CBU will achieve both energy and maintenance savings, while benefiting from improved illumination.  In addition to these more tangible benefits, there will be environmental benefits such as greenhouse gas reductions and no lead or mercury content.  We hope that other Nova Scotia educational institutions will follow CBU’s lead, and consider upgrading to LED technology,” says Charles Cartmill, President and CEO of LED Roadway Lighting Ltd.