Cape Breton University Launches New Global Social Justice Journal

The Centre for International Studies (CIS) is pleased to announce the publication of the inaugural issue of the Global Social Justice Journal. The journal seeks to transcend the academic/social activist divide through the dissemination of peer-reviewed research on normative global social justice issues including economic globalization, human rights, indigenous peoples, the environment, education, gender, class, political culture and race. The inaugural issue contains several articles examining the rise of the far-right in Europe as well as papers on non-ideological corruption and gender justice in the information society.

According to the Centre’s director Garry Leech, “We see CBU becoming a focal point for social justice and sustainability issues, particularly with the proposed MA in social justice. It is our hope that the Global Social Justice Journal will be an important component of this institutional focus.”

The Global Social Justice Journal does not restrict itself to publishing articles from any single theoretical approach or methodological tradition but rather seeks to contribute towards the production of emancipatory and normative bodies of knowledge that place research at the service of social change. The journal publishes critical qualitative and quantitative research, including articles that question the fundamentals of the status quo, from disciplines including political science; philosophy; economics; sociology; law; history; gender studies and indigenous studies and aims to inform readers from one area of the state of the research into global social justice in the other disciplines.

For more information and to access the journal’s inaugural issue, visit: