Cape Breton University Art Gallery Strikes Gold

Cape Breton University Art Gallery is pleased to announce the arrival of Gold: A Nova Scotia Treasure.  The exhibition tells the little known 150 year old story of Nova Scotia and its relationship with gold.  

“This exhibition is a great opportunity for audiences to learn about a really special piece of the social, environmental and material culture in this province” says Laura Schneider, Director/Curator of the Cape Breton University Art Gallery. 

Told from a variety of perspectives including geology, history, industrial heritage, sports, and art, the exhibit showcases a number of glittering examples of this precious metal. Included in the exhibition are Anne Murray’s gold record for Snowbird, gold jewellery crafted by Nova Scotian artisans and a stunning collection of gold medals from Nova Scotian athletes.

Gold: A Nova Scotia Treasure is a partnership between the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and the Museum of Industry, and also features contributions from the Nova Scotia Museum’s geology and history collections, the Nova Scotia Archives, the Department of Natural Resources and private collectors.

Schneider adds, “We’re really pleased to be a part of a project that brings together so many rich resources and talented people from across regional organizations.”

The exhibit will be complemented by an educational program available to teachers and parents, and a speaker’s series featuring experts in a number of fields drawn from the CBU faculty.

Cape Bretoners will get the chance to discover what gold means to this province when the exhibition opens on Friday February 21, 2014 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Cape Breton University Art Gallery. The reception is open to the public and everyone is welcome. Gold: A Nova Scotia Treasure runs until May 23, 2014.

To learn more about upcoming Gold: A Nova Scotia Treasure events please visit the gallery website at: