Caitlin Bennett – A Familiar Face at CBU


For Caitlin Bennett, a fourth-year Bachelor of Science honours student, she knew that CBU was the right choice from the moment she took a tour of campus in her final year of high school. “The thing that stuck out to me was how many people said ‘hi’ to the recruitment officer as he showed me around campus. I thought, ‘now that is me’,” says Caitlin.

Originally from Jamesville, NS, Caitlin chose CBU after attending a small primary-12 school in Iona. “I loved the close-knit family feel,” says Caitlin. Wanting to leave home for a university experience, but also wanting to only be a short drive back home if she wanted to visit, she knew that choosing residence at CBU was the right fit for her.

Interested in medicine and working in a CBU research lab, Caitlin has had the opportunity to travel to Montreal to present her research and attend various other research conferences in Atlantic Canada. “You’ll receive opportunities here that are normally reserved for graduate students at larger universities,” she says. Caitlin notes that the support she receives from her lab instructors and professors have made her feel valued since her first year at CBU.

Caitlin keeps busy outside of the classroom as a Residence Assistant. She says that being involved in residence life and bringing back house council has been a highlight and gives her lots of options for what to do with her down time. Outside of campus life, Caitlin enjoys painting and spending time with her friends and family.

Caitlin’s advice to first-year students wonder about successes as a university student is to get involved and do things that interest you.

“Take courses you want to take and that interest you. Don’t be afraid to switch a course or program to find something you genuinely want to take. Also, you’ll enjoy your university experience a whole lot more if you make yourself a part of it. It’s easier to do well in your studies if you’re happy to be here!” says Caitlin.

As for her post-CBU career, Caitlin has applied to and has been interviewed at a few medical schools across Canada, so it’s now become a waiting game for her. If medicine doesn’t work out, Caitlin says she’s likely to move on to a master’s degree in Global Health or Medical Science.

“My favourite part of CBU is how well I fit here. Even administrators, cafeteria workers and cleaning staff know me by name, and I know students both on and off campus. The confidence boost that comes with all those connections has impacted me more than anything. I’ve grown an incredible amount in my time at CBU!”

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