Business Powerhouse Arlene Dickinson to Skype with CBU Entrepreneurship Class

For Dannie Brown, Associate Professor of Organizational Management in the Shannon School of Business, creating opportunity through entrepreneurship is something he’s passionate about.  So, when he began to think about how he could create a new, inspiring opportunity for the students of his Nature of Entrepreneurship class, he went big.

“As soon as I realized that I was going to be offering this course online in January, I began thinking about how I could raise the profile by including entrepreneurial super stars in the class,” says Dr. Brown. “I follow Ms. Dickinson of CBC’s Dragon’s Den fame, on Twitter anyway, and I thought that she’d be the perfect fit.”

And so, Dannie did what most people would do in this situation. He took to his Twitter account and politely asked. “The first time I put out a request to her on Twitter was back in December, with no response.  Then early in January, the same thing happened, with no response,” says Dr. Brown. “In January when I saw her post about how thankful she was that her parents immigrated to Canada and for the opportunity it provided her, I thought maybe that would be the one that I could grab her attention with. So, I replied to her tweet and asked if she’d consider spending a few minutes with my class via Skype. She responded within about an hour and the rest as they say, is history.”

Dickinson will join the class via Skype on February 26, to encourage them to create their own opportunity and to touch on her own experience in business. Dannie says, “I am so excited that someone who is as successful as she is will be participating in our class. That someone who is as busy as she is will take the time to encourage my students.”

The Nature of Entrepreneurship, the first offering from the SSOB in this format, is being presented online, free of charge to those who sign up in the curiosity category. These classes are broadcast live during the scheduled classroom time from 2:30 – 3:45 p.m. and are also archived for access later.