Brianna Desveaux awarded scholarship to conduct research in Germany

Brianna DesveauxBrianna Desveaux is currently in the third year of her Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Chemistry, and is also studying toward her diploma in engineering at Cape Breton University. She was recently awarded the Liebig Scholarship from the University of Giessen in Germany. Valued at $8,000, the scholarship gives students from around the world the opportunity to connect and work on a chemistry research project for a two month period. Thrilled that she gets the opportunity to travel this summer, Brianna is also looking forward to expanding her knowledge in the field of science.

Science is something that Brianna has always been very passionate about. “To be able to mentally and physically solve a problem by using math, chemistry or researching is so satisfying to me,” says Brianna. Currently working in a lab at CBU for Dr. Matthias Bierenstiel, Associate Professor, Inorganic Chemistry and Department Chair of Chemistry in the School of Science & Technology, Brianna decided to apply for the Liebig scholarship because Dr. Bierenstiel recognized her love for the sciences and encouraged her to do so.

The application process for the Liebig scholarship required a transcript, reference letter, resume and motivation letter. “For the motivation letter I had to make sure my love for Chemistry was really coming across,” explains Brianna. “I talked about my background and experiences in the lab, my past presentations at conferences and how I felt I would be a good fit. I also put an emphasis on the positive impact Chemistry has had on my life during the last three years.”

When Brianna was awarded the scholarship she was humbled and very appreciative of all the support she has received from CBU during this exciting time, saying, “Within the first few days of getting the news I had already received a congratulations from the whole Chemistry department. My professor and boss, Dr. Bierenstiel, has been so helpful.  He has given me plenty of guidance and has been great throughout this whole process.”

Brianna looks forward to gaining great research experience from this once in a lifetime adventure, and is also excited to live in a new country with new opportunities. “I will be living with two other scholarship recipients in Germany and hope to create some lasting friendships while getting to see as much of Europe as possible in my spare time,” says Brianna.

Learn more by visiting the Liebig Scholarship webpage.