Boardmore Theatre jumps into its 46th Season of Plays with a high powered production

dsc_0282Cape Breton University’s Boardmore Theatre will be exploding into its 46th Season of Plays with a production that is playful, wild, life-affirming and crazy. Once And For All We’re Gonna Tell You Who We Are, So Shut Up And Listen is a play that celebrates all those aspects of adolescence that adults sweat over. Fourteen young performers act out all the clichés attached to puberty with an awareness locked between indifferent cool and soaring self-consciousness. It’s kicking, cheeky, ribald, sensuous, intoxicating and funny.

As part of its annual Theatre in Education programming, the Boardmore Theatre offers plays for visiting middle and high school students. “This year we decided to move away from a play that is curriculum based and into a more issue based content”, says Todd Hiscock, Artistic Director of Boardmore Theatre. “Doing this allows us to use more of our student actors in main stage productions and provide them with age appropriate roles – they get to play characters that are very much like themselves.”

Once and for All We’re Gonna Tell You Who We Are So Shut Up and Listen was originally developed by a group of adolescents in the Netherlands. It has received much critical acclaim and is now performed around the world. The characters in this play “are rich and complex human beings — exactly as we were ourselves at that age — and their abundance of energy, their need to take risks and their wild physicality are not things to be feared but celebrated. It’s a radical idea expressed in the simplest terms, making for not just an infectiously enjoyable show but one that affects our view of every teenager we meet from now on”, says reviewer Mark Fisher.

Once and for All We’re Gonna Tell You Who We Are So Shut Up and Listen plays at the Boardmore Playhouse November 17-27. Box Office – 902-563-1652


“LET’S TALK” – November 12, 2016, 2-4pm at the Cooperative Studies Club (37 Nepean Street).

A lively series of presentations and talk-backs, exploring how the themes of this play resonate with our lives today. This free event features guest speakers from CBU’s faculty. Free play tickets for all in attendance.