Bettina Callary: Connecting Communities at Lumiere

Bettina Calary in an Acro Yoga pose Bettina Callary, Assistant Professor, Community Studies and Sport & Physical Activity Leadership, is no stranger to the Lumiere Art-at-Night Festival. Bettina first participated in Lumiere in 2013 as part of a group called Cape Breton Acro Yoga. The group returns to Lumiere 2016, and hopes to inspire audience and community connectivity.

Acro-yoga is an art form of yoga that involves being in balance with another person, performing poses that incorporate the strength and agility of both people (sometimes multiple people) to achieve active artistic poses and flows that would not be possible alone,” says Bettina. “So, the audience can expect to see connections in movements, cultivation of trust, empowerment and joy, physical listening, compassion and letting go, and awareness of life balance and connection.”

Bettina began practicing Acro Yoga four years ago and along with performing in Lumiere, also had the opportunity to perform at TedX Cape Breton, hosted at CBU.

As an Assistant Professor in the department of Communities and Connections (under Community Studies), Bettina feels the Cape Breton Acro Yoga piece directly links to her current teaching and research interests.

“My own teaching and research expertise is in facilitating learning in the community, especially in the area of sport and physical activity leadership,” says Bettina. “Within this performance I hope that the audience can appreciate the power in working together as a community to create feats that may seem impossible to the individual, but when performed together, create a bond so strong and beautiful.”

Lumiere Cape Breton is a signature art-at-night event that takes place in the Sydney Waterfront District from September 22-24. The transformative art festival will feature 43 projects from around the country, including many local to Cape Breton.

To learn more about Bettina Callary and the Cape Breton Acro Yoga installation, please view the Lumiere Festival Guide.