Belfast Native Makes Way Across the Pond for Small Town Education

Stu Heath, CAPERS Men's SoccerStuart Heath is originally from the substantial city of Belfast, Ireland. Much like many other young kids who grew up in the UK, soccer was a common pastime for Stu. He began playing when he was just five years old, and loved watching his favorite team, Liverpool FC play. Stu first experienced CBU while traveling in Canada, and decided it was right for him after a talk with some of the faculty. When he learned about what CBU and its athletics department had to offer, he knew he had found the right path.

Stu was in Canada at the time when he spoke with Dean Morley, Head Coach of the Men’s Soccer Team about opportunities for success at CBU. “I got an offer to join CBU after an ex-player had been playing with me during a summer league and suggested I try out for the team. After talking with Deano (Dean Morley) about joining the program, I decided it was too good of an opportunity to refuse,” says Stu.

So far, Stu enjoys the smaller class sizes and appreciates the friendly attitudes of those who surround him during his education. “I enjoy the people, they’re extremely friendly. The class sizes are a big help, I’ve gotten to know my professors on a one on one level, we stop in the halls and have a chat,” says Stu. “All in all you know everyone in a small community and that makes for a friendly atmosphere.”

Stu has some big plans after he’s done his education at CBU. “I plan to go into law school and study environmental law. Hopefully I’ll be able to help change people’s perspectives on how we should treat our planet and its animals,” says Stu.

Stu has a lot of things to look forward to in the rest of his time at CBU, including the upcoming AUS championships. “I’m looking forward to having a chance to win it in front of a crowd with people supporting us as well as people we know, see every day and so on,” says Stu. “Winning it last year was great and all but we could only celebrate amongst ourselves. It’ll be a lot sweeter being able to share it with our pals that go to the university.”

In terms of preparing, Stu says there isn’t much out of the ordinary. “Honestly, it’s just business as usual for us. We’ll take it one game at a time, hopefully keep winning, and push for another banner,” says Stu.

The advice Stu would like to give potential future CBU soccer players is to practice. “Practice as much as possible before you actually try out. All of the programs have players who have played from high-school level and it isn’t easy to break out into one of the teams,” says Stu. “For students who want to come to CBU in general, just be yourself, have some fun and I’m sure you’ll have a decent wee time.”

Join us from November 2-5, 2017, to cheer on the CAPERS.