Association For Safer Cape Breton Communities Opens Sydney Mines Office

The Association for Safer Cape Breton Communities (AFSCBC) is announcing the implementation of its Sydney Mines Community Project on Friday, June 17 at 11 a.m. The announcement will introduce plans for community safety and crime prevention. The Association will also celebrate the grand opening of the Sydney Mines Community Office, which is dedicated to serving children and bringing the community together. The announcement is taking place at the Community Cares Youth Outreach Centre on 7 Notre Dame Street in Sydney Mines.

The Sydney Mines Community Project will address community safety, crime prevention and clean up. In partnership with the Cape Breton Regional Police Service and the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM), the AFSCBC hopes to improve vacant properties which often attract suspicious activities such as drug dealing and vandalism. The project aims to prevent crime, particularly drug use among teens, by increasing foot patrols in the area. Members of the AFSCBC will be conducting a door-to-door questionnaire which will help identify safety concerns that community members are facing. The questionnaire, used in all AFSCBC Community Projects in the CBRM, was designed by Bachelor of Arts Community Studies (BACS) students at CBU.

The Sydney Mines Community Office, in partnership with the Cape Breton Regional Police Service, Cape Breton Island Housing Authority, Community Services and Bell Aliant, will offer space for civic groups and after school programs for children. The AFSCBC will use the office to gather community members of all ages for various projects. Volunteers are an important part of the Community Office, helping to decorate the interior of the building and create community projects. The building was donated by the Cape Breton Island Housing Authority.

“I expect this new Sydney Mines Community Office will mirror the success of the North Sydney Community Office,” says Sgt. Tom Ripley, AFSCBC. “The office sees approximately 30 children a day, providing a safe place for them go after school, to get help with homework, to have something to eat, or enjoy the various activities that are offered.”

The Association for Safer Cape Breton Communities is a group of community leaders from a variety of sectors and agencies in the CBRM. The Association came together in 2007 with the mission ofpreventing crime and victimization, increasing personal and community safety and security and fostering the well-being of everyone.  Through developing partnerships, the Association has been able to launch several projects and open community offices throughout the CBRM.

Since 2008, Community Projects have been launched in North Sydney, New Waterford and Glace Bay.