Advertising Students Promote Active Living

Cape Breton University advertising students have laced up their sneakers to promote a physically active lifestyle through running. The students are working with the Cape Breton Road Runners to raise awareness about active living through a number of videos produced by groups in the class. The class focused on the annual 5 km Pumpkin Run that is held at Petersfield in Westmount as a way for people to increase their level of physical activity.  Close to 15 students participated in the run along with Professor Joanne Pyke.

(L-R) Aboud Bawazir, Greg Vardy, Jeff Green, Professor Joanne Pyke , Alan Rizzato, Colin Curry, Allan MacDonald, Stephanie MacLean , Zahir Hamadah.  (Front): Dr. Chris Milburn, President Cape Breton Road Runners. Also in attendance but missing from photo: Andrew Rigby, Rosalee Niesten and Paul Martin.

Dr. Chris Milburn, President of the Cape Breton Road Runners, has met with the students to discuss the importance of physical activity and benefits of running. He is pleased that the class project is focused on such an important topic and plans to use the videos on the Cape Breton Road Runners website.