A Project of Hope at Cape Breton University

Six women, one goal – help women in the community. A group of women In a third-year community studies class decided to create a project designed to have a positive impact on the community. The group of women decided their goal would be to help other women in need. They started putting together a plan that would touch the hearts of all involved.

Project Hope GroupThey decided to fundraise money to renovate an outdated room at Hope Project Cape Breton, a new women’s addictions recovery home in Cape Breton. The group wanted to make a difference that would have a lasting impact and believed this renovation was the best way to accomplish that.

“Our group was interested in helping women in some way. We narrowed our decision down to supporting the initiative that the Hope Project is already doing,” says Ashley Burns, third year-student. “We care about Cape Breton and we have the drive to give back and support our local community.”

To make the renovation project a success, funding had to be raised. Fundraising included selling tickets for a Valentines Day basket and organizing a Valentines Day dance. After all of their efforts, the money raised was put toward the renovation costs at Hope Project Cape Breton.

The group of women involved in the project includes Ashley Burns, Taylor MacDonald, Kendra Paquet, Megan Smith, Hannah Conrad and Shivani Maharaj. The members hope that this project can be their first substantial contribution to the Cape Breton community. These ladies are a fantastic example that by receiving an education, you can also make an impact on the world around you.

Ashley explains, “We are students who are passionate about Cape Breton and we want to do anything we can to help.”

All of the women are in their third year of a Bachelor of Arts Community Studies degree at Cape Breton University.