Visiting Speaker Lecture: Plasma Physics in the Universe and on Earth

Office of Research and Graduate Studies and the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Geology at Cape Breton University invite you to a guest lecture on Tuesday, JUNE 19, 2018 at 12:50pm in CS-101.

Join Professor Michael P. Bradley from the Dept. of Physics & Engineering Physics, University of Saskatchewan for the lecture titled “Plasma Physics in the Universe and on Earth

All welcome. Light refreshments will be provided.

Please find a complete abstract below. For more information please visit our website or find us on Facebook

Plasma Physics in the Universe and on Earth

Plasma Physicists often call plasmas the “fourth state of matter” and boast that plasma is the most abundant form of material in the Universe. This is in fact true, and plasma dynamics play an important role in astrophysical phenomena. On the Earth plasmas have been harnessed by scientists and engineers for a wide range of important technological applications. These include plasma surface treatments of mechanical parts for improved wear resistance, use of plasmas to grow highly specialized thin films, plasma-based fabrication processes for semiconductor chips for computer and mobile device applications, various biomedical applications, and the ultimate plasma application: controlled nuclear fusion. In this talk I will discuss our current work on a number of these plasma application areas in the University of Saskatchewan Plasma Physics Lab, and highlight how the unique aspects of plasma properties and behaviour enable their various applications.