Understanding and Managing a Dynamic Landscape: Parks Canada Forum

Location: CS 101

Parks Canada places are our government’s commitment to protecting and presenting natural and cultural features for present and future generations. Although protection can imply leaving things to nature, we live in a dynamic world that is affected by human influence. Our relationship with nature, culture and history is always changing and needs to be reflected in how important stories are presented. Parks Canada will be presenting how we are actively managing Parks Canada places in Cape Breton. 

Welcome and Introduction
Presenter:    Chris Bellemore, Partnership and Engagement Specialist Cape Breton Field Unit Parks Canada

“Water Temperature in a Warming Climate – Assessing Thermal Barriers to Salmon Movement in a Northern Cape Breton River”
Presenters:    James Bridgeland, Park Ecologist Cape Breton Highlands NP and Réné Aucoin – Cheticamp River Salmon Association

“Three dogs and a cow – new findings from old bones”
Presenter:     Rebecca Dunham, Senior Archaeologist, Fortress of Louisbourg NHS

 “Bring Back the Boreal – Informing Forest Restoration in the Cape Breton Highlands”
Presenter:    Clayton D’Orsay, Acting Bring Back the Boreal Project Coordinator

“Species at Risk Recovery Planning in the Cape Breton Field Unit”
Presenter:     Jared Tomie, Acting Ecologist Team Leader, Cape Breton Highlands NP