Thesis and Major Project SnapShot

11:00am – 1:00pm | Location CC 261

Cape Breton University’s Thesis/Major Project SnapShot event provides a platform for CBU students to present key aspects of their research to a live audience. The challenge? Present their research with one slide in three minutes. 

This event is part of Research Month 2019. Visit our website for a full list of events.


Day-night cycling and sex differences in igf2b, atp1a2a, and scn4aa gene expression and characterization of IGF-II proteins in the electric organ of the gymnotiform fish Brachyhypopomus gauderio
Presenter:    Victoria Ivey (Biology)
Supervisor:  Dr. Vielka Salazar

Is Shyness Sexy?
Presenter:    Taegen McPhee (Psychology)
Supervisor:  Dr. Michelle Jetha

Researching Recovery: Social Support and The Journey of Recovery
Presenter:    Zabrina Downton (Anthropology/Sociology – L’nu & Political & Social Studies, School of Arts and Social Sciences)
Supervisor:  Dr. Tracey Harris

How to detect gimmicks and cheating information in financial report to avoid false investment decision?
Presenter:    Luong Vu Trung (MBA in CED)
Supervisor:  Dr. Derrick Hayes

The relation of narcissism and self-esteem to geek culture and video gaming: the role of status and inclusion
Presenter:    Tyler Andrews (Psychology)
Supervisor:  Dr. Stewart McCann

Evaluating a Pilot Professional Development Course for Masters Coaches
Presenter:    Ciera Disipio (BACS SPAL)
Supervisor:  Dr. Bettina Callary

Neuroticism, Social Anxiety & Volunteering: Can Social Anxiety Account For The Relationship Between Neuroticism and Willingness To Volunteer?
Presenter:    Emily-Jane Hillary MacDougall (Psychology)
Supervisor:  Dr. Stewart McCann

How Physiotherapists Effectively Motivate Adult Patients to Learn and Adhere to their Treatment Plans
Presenter:    Marli McInnis (BACS SPAL)
Supervisor:  Dr. Bettina Callary

CK 2 Alpha and Beta crystallization
Presenter:    Yanjun Dong (MBA in CED)
Supervisor:  Dr. David Ruiz-Carrillo