The Scatarie Bank Experiential Research Site

The Scatarie Bank Experiential Research Site: an opportunity for multidisciplinary research in Canada’s newest Marine Protected Area

Location: CS 101

Canada’s newest and largest Marine Protected Area was declared under the Oceans Act on World Oceans Day in the summer of 2017. It covers more than 7,500.km2 of ocean space, extending NE from the outer edge of Scatarie Island to the 400m depth contour in the Laurentian Channel. In October of that year, a team of researchers from CBU, Dal and LSL established a study site on the only place in the entire MPA that is shallow enough for SCUBA diving. In doing so, it is likely that they became the first humans to ‘walk’ on the seabed in this part of the Scotian Shelf. The experience revealed exceptional opportunity for marine science, but also for citizen science and community engagement (aspects virtually absent from most Canadian MPAs). This panel will share the excitement of our discoveries and anticipations, discuss the opportunities for achieving ambitious goals, and invite the audience to provide advice and join the team going forward with this unique and newsworthy initiative.

The presenters and their topics are:

  • Tim Rawlings – Marine biology. Autonomous Recruitment Monitoring Systems
  • Doug Lionais – Role of Marine Protected Areas in coastal community economic development
  • Kurt Simons (Eastern Nova Scotia Marine Stewardship Society) – Involving the community and industry in ocean conservation

Chair: Bruce Hatcher

This event is part of Research Month 2019. Visit our website for a full list of events.