Sabbatical Talk by Dr. Ian Brodie

Sabbatical Talks 2018- 19

Join us as CBU researchers share their sabbatical work with a number of talks scheduled throughout the year. This is our final sabbatical talk for the 2018-19 season.

Dr. Ian Brodie (Associate Professor, Folklore) will present his sabbatical talk on Wednesday, March 20 from 3:00pm – 4:00pm in CE 313. Carrot cake, coffee and tea will be provided. All are welcome!

“I am a fan of hilarity”: Possible Directions for Oral-Formulaic Theory and the Study of Stand-Up Comedy

This talk addresses contemporary studies of oral formulaic theory to begin an exploration on what applicability Parry and Lord’s ideas of “spontaneous composition” could have for the study of stand-up comedy, using a routine from American comedian Paul F. Tompkins that made it to public mediation on four discrete occasions. How is a routine performed more than once: is it repeated, remembered or recreated? In a performance genre that is predicated in part on the surfeit of spontaneity, I consider the crystallization of certain mots justes as “hooks on which to hang a narrative in the teller’s memory” (Siikala 1990).

This event is part of Research Month 2019. Visit our website for a full list of events.