RP Funding Showcase

Location: CS 101

RP Showcase I  10:30am – 11:45am (Morning session will also be available via Facebook LIVE)

Covalently Functionalized BioChar for Chiral Sensing and Detection” 
Presenter:    Dr. Stephanie MacQuarrie (Chemistry) 

Rutile and zircon LA-ICP-MS U-Pb geochronology of high grade metamorphic rocks in the Bras d’Or terrane of Cape Breton Island” 
Presenter:     Dr. Deanne van Rooyen (Geology) 

Pink shirts in Cape Breton: Straight teacher allies in schools” 
Presenter:   Dr. Leigh Potvin (Communities & Connections) 

Coffee + Sandwich Break 
11:45am – 12:00pm  

RP Showcase II | 12:00pm  1:15pm 

Adaptability of forest songbirds to moose-browsed ‘savannah’ of Cape Breton Highlands National Park.” 
Presenter:   Dr. Ken Oakes (Biology) 

In the eye of the storm: What does the discussion around Inclusive education in the current labor dispute between teachers and the Nova Scotia government tell us about relationships of power between stakeholders in education?” 
Presenter:   Dr. Carla DiGiorgio 

“Exploring Songs and Stories of Immigration and Encounter in Cape Breton” 
Presenter:   Dr. Marcia Ostashewski (Cultural & Creative Studies)