Poster Presentations

10:30am – 12:30pm | Verschuren Centre

Join faculty and students as they share their research during this poster presentation session.

This event is part of Research Month 2019. Visit our website for a full list of events.



Understanding Homelessness in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality: A Service-based Approach
Presenters: Lilla Roy (Nursing) &  Janet Bickerton (Nursing)

How do Registered Nurse administrators perceive their advocacy role? A qualitative inquiry|
Presenter: Dr. Janet Kuhnke (Nursing); Authored by: Betty McMorrow (Shannon School of Business); Lilla Roy (Nursing) & Dr. Janet Kuhnke (Nursing)

Exploring Baccalaureate Nursing Students’ Perspectives on Being Employed While Enrolled in a Full-Time Professional Degree: A qualitative narrative inquiry
Presenter: Kelsey Drew Strong (Nursing); Supervisor: Dr. Janet L Kuhnke (Nursing)


Promoting Physical Activity at CBU Through Nature
Presenters: Marissa Gillis, Lauren Barrie, Robin MacKinnon & Jodi Dauphinee; Supervisor: Geoff Carre

Adding Murals to Induce Positive Outcomes for Students
Presenters: Miranda Gillis, Brittany Lawrence & Kierrah Mutch; Supervisor: Geoff Carre

Adding Greenery to the University Environment to Promote Cognitive Restoration
Presenters: Danielle Andong, Michael Morrison, Sameer Islam & Sumiran Shrestha; Supervisor: Geoff Carre


Qualitative Study of Student Perceptions of Sexual Violence and Harassment at Cape Breton University: How safe is our campus?
Presenter: Gabrielle Catherine Smith (Psychology); Supervisor: Dr. Heather Schmidt

Generativity in Emerging Adulthood
Presenter: Taylor McLellan (Psychology); Supervisor: Dr. Eric Theriault

The relation of narcissism and self-esteem to geek culture and video gaming: the role of status and inclusion
Presenter:    Tyler Andrews (Psychology); Supervisor:  Dr. Stewart McCann


Development of a Habitat Suitability Index to Identify New Populations of Brooks Floater (Alasmidonta varicosa) In Cape Breton
Presenter: Julia-Elizabeth Cameron (Biology); Supervisor: Dr. Kellie White

An Examination of the Impact Freshwater Mussels (Uninidae) Have on The Quality of Raw Lake Water
Presenter: Tori Field (Biology); Supervisor: Dr. Kellie White


Utilization and Modification of Rock Seaweed and Applications on Growth of Plants
Presenter: Nicholas Roland Maclean (Chemistry); Supervisor: Dr. Stephanie MacQuarrie

Biochar conductivity under various conditions
Presenter: Rahul Poingasseril Lal (Chemistry); Supervisor: Dr. Stephanie MacQuarrie

Presenter: Jane Minh Ngọc Phạm; Supervisor: Dr. Stephanie MacQuarrie