Pitches in the Sandbox!

We are excited to host our first round of Cape Breton Island Futures Fund (CBIFF) pitches in the Island Sandbox on March 10th, 2016. CBIFF seeks to contribute to the economic future of Cape Breton Island by providing rapid financial assistance and non-financial business support to encourage the launch of promising ideas, to seed early stage start-up companies and to foster existing small and medium-sized enterprises, particularly those developing products or services within the sustainable business, clean tech and digital technology sectors.

The pitches will take place in the Island Sandbox starting at noon and is open to the general public. The pitchers will have 5 minutes to get their idea across and then have a 10 minute Q&A from the judging panel.

Island Sandbox treats itself and all related events as experiments just like a startup. We are keen to learn what works and what doesn’t, this event is no exception. Come to iterate with us and the six companies that will be pitching for real private funds for their business ideas.