Machine Dreaming and Consciousness with JF Pagel MS/MD

Dr. Pagel is one of the worlds leading experts on dream use in creative process by both humans and machines. Join us for his talk on Machine Dreaming and Consciousness on Thursday, October 18. 

Location: Verschuren Centre

Time: 6:00 p.m.


Artificial intelligence (AI) systems meeting criteria of primary and self-reflexive consciousness can extend the human interface, creating waking experiences that resemble the human dream. Surprisingly, AI systems easily meet human-based operational definitions for dreaming. These “dreams” are far different from anthropomorphic dreaming, including such processes as fuzzy logic, indeterminate and hallucinatory outcomes, Internet sleep, and integration instability—all processes that may be necessary if parametric computers are to extend their creative capacity and ability to function into the sometimes illogical, common-sense human environment.

Today, multi-linear neural network systems are being built based on the structural framework of the human central nervous system. The biologic framework of dreaming (emotions, associative memories, and visual imagery) is well within current technical capacities. AI dream-equivalent states portend the development of tertiary forms of consciousness in these systems. Such machine dreaming raises even larger questions. In many ways, dreaming defines our humanity. What might we be losing when we limit our focus to its technical and biologic structure, and extend the capacity for dreaming into our artificial creations?