Looking Europe in the I: an artist and speaker presentation

LOOKING EUROPE IN THE I: an artist and speaker presentation 

Wednesday, October 21  | 12 noon – 4 pm
CBU Community Gardens
Ke’tapekiak Maqim’kew: The Land Sings
Ursala Johnson: Performance Piece
Based on the present-day topography of Cape Breton County, this song will be created using Indigenous ‘Songlines’ and will be sung continuously over several hours. It is both an act of indigenous self-determination and act of reconciliation with the land through song.

Thursday, October 22
2 pm | Multiversity Centre
Looking Europe in the I
Ashok Mathur: Keynote address
a keynote performance presentation that challenges the hold of a larger-than-life subject position of whiteness/colonialism in contemporary lived experiences. By focussing on moments in indigenous and racialized performance art, this presentation suggests the possibility of facilitating new ways of articulating our marked bodies across colonial lines. This will draw on experiences from and beyond the participating artists, and make reference to the performance/presentations that are part of the series

4 pm | Joan Harriss Cruise Pavillion (out of doors, near big fiddle)
Singing Home
Peter Morin: Performance Piece
‘singing home is a process. a body lying down at the edge. the place where the water meets the land. singing across the water. and throwing stones at a glass house.’