Innovative Educators Presentation

Our Education Kodak Moment (with Don Wettrick)
Education is at a crossroads. Preparing students for the future, or continue the path of “the tradition,” are the choices we must face. In this presentation Don Wettrick, author of “Pure Genius: Building a Culture of Collaboration and Taking 20% Time to the Next Level,” will explain why school IS like a business, a modern business, and demonstrate why a company like Kodak went from being a Fortune 100 company, to vanishing, because they did not innovate. The parallels of Kodak and education are a warning of what is at stake for our students, and how we can avoid the same mistakes.

Don Wettrick is an Innovation Specialist at Noblesville High School, near Indianapolis, Indiana. Don has served in education for more than sixteen years, teaching middle school and high school classes. He is passionate about helping students find their educational opportunities and providing them with the digital tools they need to achieve their goals. He has lectured in the US and Europe about collaboration, social media use, and environments that enable innovation. Don hosts an internet radio program, InnovatED, for the BAM! Radio Network. You can find him on Twitter @donwettrick. He tweets updates on his student’s innovative work, and on his website

Date of Event
May 4 2016

Start Time
7 pm

End Time
8 pm

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