How To: Comic Book Creation– From Beginning to End

Learn how to create your very own comic book / graphic novel. This workshop (for ages 14+) will show participants the “how-to”s, comic terminology, creating storyboards and sequential art, plus other aspects of how graphic artists produce their work. Instructor Rob Parsons, owner of Artisync Studios, will discuss script writing, character development and how to create sequential art focusing on chronology and storyboards. The workshop won’t focus on drawing but learning the dynamic anatomy of a comic book/graphic novel.

The workshop is free but space is limited. To reserve a spot for the workshop please call 902-563-1342 or email with your name and contact information.

Join us on January 23, from 9:00AM-4:00PM in the CBU Art Gallery (Room CE266, located off the Great Hall in the Student, Culture, and Heritage building)