Harm Reduction Week – Monday, October 15

Harm Reduction Week

October 15th – 19th 
The week will involve a series of information sessions as well as a Harm Reduction Fair which will be held on Wednesday Oct. 17th from 9am -3pm in the great Hall.


“Let’s Quit Smoking”
Location: Cafeteria 11:30am-1:00pm
Presented by 8-1-1 and the Max Bell Health Centre
Discussion and information regarding Tobacco cessation programs.

“Harm Reduction 101”
Location: Multi-Purpose Room 1:00pm – 3:30pm
Presented by Laura Chapman
This session provides an in-depth look at what harm reduction is, in everyday life. Consider various approaches and evaluate your own comfort level with each type of intervention. Explore questions like: Why is there a variance of support depending on the harm reduction service, program or approach?
Utilizing case presentations, the session also offers examples of how healthcare providers can begin to incorporate harm reduction into their respective everyday practices. The session ends with a piece about how language choices perpetuate stigma, challenging attendees with a future commitment to consider their own language – and that of others – when discussing substance use disorders.

Register for Harm Reduction 101: https://www.cbu.ca/student-services/safety-campus/respectful-campus-office/harm-reduction-week/