Verschuren Centre Presents: Developing industry solutions and opportunities to grow a sustainable economy

Location: CS 101

The Verschuren Centre was established on a legacy of environmental remediation to bring sustainable industry development to Cape Breton Island.  It is a research, development, and demonstration Centre providing technology development for new industry as well as tech solutions for existing businesses.  The Centre’s work is based on four priority themes: Renewable Energy Production and Storage; Agri-food and Marine Resources Optimization; Aquaculture – production, health and disease mitigation; and Nano-technology Applications. Its many projects are carried out in a collaborative working environment involving over 30 key research personnel — team leads, researchers, students, and administrative staff.  An in-depth schedule can be found here.

CBU Research Month 2018:  Verschuren Centre – Developing industry solutions and opportunities to grow a sustainable economy 
VC Day – Tuesday, March 20, 2018 – VC Boardroom
Time Presenter Title
9:00 Brittany MacDonald Improved Industrial Sustainability through Residual Redistribution
9:30 Rod Beresford Bras d’Or Oyster Population:  Potential impact and partnerships with communities and industry
10:00 Stephen Kelloway Evaluation of Early Plant Performance with Applications of Novel Fish Hydrolysates
10:30 Wei Xu Hypocholesterolaemic properties of lobster shell-derived chitin, chitosan and chitooligosaccharides
11:00 Chigozie Okolie The structure-function relationship between fucoidan extracts and in vitro prebiotic activity:  an assessment of the impact of extraction technologies
11:30 Dr. Andrew Carrier Selective generation of singlet oxygen cy chloride accelerated Cu-Fenton system
12:00 Lunch Break
12:30 Doug Richards Cu-based DNAzymes
1:00 Dr. Ezilrani Panneer Selvam Iron-chelation sensitized bacteria towards oxidative stress
1:30 Jay Deshmukh Novel CoFe2O4  nanoparticles with tunable spinotronics properties for wound healing sensor
2:00 Maia Ludwig-Ives Efficacy of Mine Water Remediation Byproduct Iron Oxide as a Greening Fertilizer
2:30 Dr. Martin Mkandawire Manufacturing Magnets: A Potential Product from Mine Water Treatment by Products