Community Studies 2105 Research Symposium

Location: Location Centre for Sound Communities 

March 27, 5:30-8:30, Centre for Sound Communities

This event is part of Research Month 2019. Visit our website for a full list of events.


5:30 – Welcome


5:40-6:30 – Presentations

 Factors Influencing Impaired Driving Among Young Adults
Vanessa Donovan, Matt MacLeod, Marlene Powell, and Paul Watson

Correlation of Perceptions Among CBRM Administration and CBU International Students
Katie Erickson, Todd Graham, Katelyn Hashem, Rochelle Jesso, Emily MacAskill, Maggie Marston-Berk, and Jenna Paquet

Water Quality Issues in Unama`ki
Shaniya Vance, Shawn Magnan, Joady Marshall, Sander Denny, and Brandon Syms

Food Insecurity among Students Living on CBU Campus
Brenna Riome, Daniel Johnston, Mitchell Brewster, and Breanna Metcalfe


6:30-6:40 – Break


6:40-7:30 – Presentations

 Mental Health and Academic Performance in University Aged Students
Patrick Curtis, Jessica Desmarais, Vanessa Frison, Noah Hardy, Mitchel MacNeil, Yen Nhi (Annie) Ngo, and Siobhan Schreinert

Mental Health in Student Althetes
Kayla Brogan, MacKenna Kind, Charlie Waters, Euan Bauld, and Lewis White

Intimate Partner Violence; Against Men
Destiny Green, Keeshia Bernard, Austin Bennett, Katelin Kingston, and Mitchell Williams

Mental Health Resources at Cape Breton University
Jenika MacDonald, Kayleigh Tutty, Fuka Gomi, Jalise Campbell, Victoire Smith, and Melanie Mellen


7:30-7:40 – Break


7:40-830 – Presentations

 Impact of Cannabis Legalization on CBU Students and University Policy
Breagh-Ann Campbell, Josh Conrad, and Chad Pond

Perceptions of the Legalization of Cannabis in Canada
Chelsie Alleyne, Elizabeth Arsenault, Cady Childs, Coleen Fraser, Rebecca Heighton, Lindsey Prosper and Trent Wilson

Issues Beneath the Habit: Understanding the Stigma of Addiction
Kristy Collier, Crystal Doucette, Robyn Hinks, Stephany Lewis, Samantha Shears, Sonya Spencer and Alex Wade