CJCB’s Cape Breton Songs Contest (1948-1952) A Public Lecture with Dr. Ian Brodie presented by the CBU Art Gallery

At noon on August 3rd, Folklore professor Dr. Ian Brodie will be at the CBU Art Gallery to give a public lecture on the songs written for CJCB’s Cape Breton Songs Contest (1948-1952). The political cartoons of Josh Silburt currently displayed at the gallery address some of the same issues that inspired the songs which, like the cartoons, were often both amusing and critical.

Josh Silburt was the political cartooist at the Sydney Post Record from 1946-1947, during which time he penned hundreds of cartoons, many of which were inspired by local issues, spurred by the end of WWII.

This lecture is free to attend and complimentary tea and coffee will be served.

Image credits: “Still Trying to Detect Word of the Bridge”, Josh Silburt (1946) Sydney Post Record