CBU Chemistry Week

From October 16-25, 2015 events will be taking place across campus to celebrate CBU Chem Week and how ‘Chemistry Colours Our World’.

Check out the events: 

Friday, October 16 

The CIC Maritime Section Presents: The Sky is Falling! Or is it? 

Separating Fact from Fiction in Our Chemical World

This talk brings public awareness to the idea that there are chemicals in our foods and all around us – that are safe!

Presented by: Dr. Matthew Lukeman

12 noon – CS104
6:30 pm– Cooperative Study Club, 37 Nepean St.

Monday, October 19 @ 1 pm

Chemistry Magic Show in the Cafeteria

“Chase the Base”  – a FUN game with a chance to win a BIG Prize. 

Tuesday, October 20 @ 12 noon

Chemistry Periodic Table Cupcake Sale


Friday, October 23 – Mole Day 

Summer Research Abroad Presentation @ 12 noon

Two CBU Honours Chemistry students share experiences of their 12-weeks conducting research abroad in Germany.

Presented By Kori Andrea and James Marsh


Chemistry Pumpkin Carving @ 2 pm

Verschuren Centre

Public Presentation @ 6 pm

What the Heck Happened to my Other Sock?

The Quantum Theory of Laundry

Presented by: Dr. Jaime Martell


*Followed by public tours of the Chemistry Lab and VSCEE.