Boardmore Theatre Auditions and Registration

CBU Boardmore Theatre

Auditions and Registration for the 2015/16 Season of Plays

  • The Complete Works of William Shakespeare ( Abridged)
  • Hamlet
  • Shakespeare’s Dog
  • The Elizabeth Boardmore One-Act Play Festival
  • Youth Drama Festival
  • The Mystery Of The Oak Island Treasure

Saturday, September 19: 10am – 5pm and Sunday, September 20: 1pm – 5pm @ the CBU Boardmore Playhouse

Actors, Singers, Technicians, Stage Managers, and Stage Crew are encouraged to attend.

By appointment only: call 563-1351 or email

*SUBMISSIONS FOR: Elizabeth Boardmore One-Act Play Festival and New Play Development Workshop Original plays (finished or unfinished) must be submitted by the end of September. Non-original plays must be submitted by November 30. For more information, visit the website: