Aonach / Mawiomi: Sharing Our Paths

A unique exchange between two of Nova Scotia’s peoples, the Mi’kmaq and Gaels during Mi’kmaw History Month in Nova Scotia.

Inspired by the recent release of a book titled “Living Treaties: Narrating Mi’kmaw Treaty Relations” (CBU Press) organizers of “Aonach / Mawiomi: Sharing Our Paths” are extending an open invitation to join in a day of sharing the knowledge and the experiences of the Mi’kmaq and Gaels through centuries of contact.

For more than 250 years, the region’s first people, the Mi’kmaq have had contact and have lived alongside Gaels from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and their descendants.

While there are historic accounts of relations between these neighbours, they are generally not well known.

“Aonach / Mawiomi: Sharing Our Paths” proposes new conversations reconnecting the histories and experiences of these two unique Nova Scotia peoples.

Lunch and entertainment included.

Registration: 902.563.1604

Event Location: Wagmatcook Culture and Heritage Centre