All That Research You Can’t Talk About

Tuesday, March 12 | 2:30pm – 4:30pm | CS 101

Initial interactions are fraught with pitfalls, misunderstanding and stress. Developing industry-academic relationships requires time to foster mutual confidence and respect, but most funding opportunities that don’t require major investment from the industry are time restricted, i.e. what can you accomplish in 6 weeks!  And industrial partners need reasonable assurances that the research has a good chance to be successful, particularly if they are investing industry dollars in research.

This panel aims at sharing experiences around research between academic and industry partners at CBU. Each presenter will share a 15 min story about a collaboration, taking particular care to not divulge proprietary information.  The talk can overview how funding was obtained, how interaction with industry was accomplished and maintained during the project as well as outcomes

Sahand Ashtab, Matthias Bierenstiel, Audrey Walsh, Sarah Conrod, Stephanie MacQuarrie

This event is part of Research Month 2019. Visit our website for a full list of events.