Fortress Louisbourg at CBU

Cape Breton University offers numerous courses that examine the Fortress of Louisbourg from a range of perspectives and disciplines.

Dauphin Gate

Dauphin Gate

In some classes, such as History 310 and Anthropology 304, the Fortress is the primary focus; in others, it is studied as part of a wider set of themes or ideas.

  • Anthropology 304/Heritage 340/History 340: Historical Archaeology
  • Communication 380/History 380: Public History
  • History 201: A History of Canada before Confederation
  • History 207: Atlantic Canada before Confederation
  • History 304: History of Cape Breton to 1850
  • History 310: Social History of Louisbourg
  • History 320: The Atlantic World in the Age of Sail

Full descriptions of each course can be obtained in the university’s Academic Calendar.

For more information contact:

Dr. Andrew Parnaby
Associate Professor, Department of History
Cape Breton University
telephone: 563-1286