Multicultural Community

We embrace our multiculturalism.

With nearly 1,000 students from more than 40 countries, CBU is proud to say 30 per cent of its student body is populated with international students. Last year, CBU launched its Multiversity Festival — an annual outdoor multicultural festival celebrating the many cultures here.  Multiversity acts as a friendly introduction for both new and returning international students. Because of initiatives like this, CBU is well on its way to becoming one of Canada’s most culturally diverse and inclusive campuses.

We also celebrate Chinese New Year and National Saudi Day, host afro-caribbean night and finish the year celebrating all cultures at CBU with our annual Multiversity Gala.

At CBU, you will have no problem fitting in. Not only is the campus atmosphere inclusive and accepting, the communities that surround CBU are just as welcoming, so making friends off-campus is just as easy as making friends in class.