Data Liberation Initiative

The Data Liberation Initiative provides CBU’s current community access to Statistics Canada public use microdata files [PUMFs] and geography files for use in research and teaching. For more information on data availability and access contact Laura Syms, CBU’s DLI contact.

The DLI Nesstar is a great tool for finding and manipulating the Statistics Canada survey and census microdata files that CBU researchers can access through the DLI license. Data can be downloaded in SPSS, SAS, or STATA. For a demo or a login for the DLI Nesstar, members of the CBU community can contact Laura Syms at 902.563.1994. Check User guide for Nesstar.

The DLI Web Data Server (WDS) is an online Beyond 20/20 multidimensional table viewer which is used to access the aggregate data in the DLI Collection. The WDS also includes older products: e.g., Inter-Corporate Ownership, Financial Performance Indicators for Canadian Business. Check User guide for DLI WDS.

Laura Syms
Shannon School of Business & Data Services Liaison Librarian

Office: L-118-A

Phone: 902.563.1994

Jasmine Hoover
Scholarly Resources Librarian / School of Science & Technology Liaison Librarian

Office: Library 118C

Phone: 902-563-1231