Computers & Printing

WiFi Access


Network – CBU-Secure
Log in – CBU Webmail Log-in (Your CBU webmail address: e.g.,
Password – Date of Birth (yymmdd)


Network – guest@CBU
Log in information – Available at the circulation desk

Printing & Photocopying

You can print from anywhere on campus, or use the computers available in the Library or IT Labs.

Printing & Photocopying costs 10 cents for black & white and 50 cents for colour in the Library.

A valid myCBUcard will be required to access printers and photocopiers at the CBU Library. Click HERE to add money to your account.

[How to Print]

Step 1: Open your document and select print. Ensure that the Konica Minolta copier is selected and that the settings are set to “Print One Sided.” Click on Print. You will then see a pop up which will ask for your username and password. Use the same login information as your CBU email account.

Step 2: When you enter your login information the PaperCut icon on the top right hand corner of your screen will display your balance.

Step 3: If you do not have enough print credits simply click on the myCBUcard icon located on the desktop and login with your CBU email account username and password. Follow the instructions to add money to your account using Visa, Visa Debit or Mastercard. If you wish to add cash or change please use the ITC machine located near the entrance of the library.

Step 4: Proceed to the Konica Minolta copiers located in the center of the library and tap your myCBUcard. Your print jobs will be displayed on the touchscreen and you will have the option to select which document you would like to print. Select “Print.” Be sure to logout by selecting “logout” located on the top right hand corner of the touchscreen or press the Access key on the machine.

[How to Photocopy]

Proceed to the Konica Minolta copiers located in the center of the library and tap your myCBUcard. If you do not have any print jobs in the queue the machine will default to the photocopier menu. If you do not have enough credits follow Step 3 above.

Users who do not have student accounts can purchase a Guest Card for $5.00.
This includes an initial one-time charge of $3.00 for the card and will give you a $2.00 card balance on your account. You can add money to your card during regular Library Hours by using cash at the Smart Card Dispenser near the Circulation Desk in the Library.

The username and password required to print are located on the back of Guest Card.
The username is G followed by the 6 digit number located on the back of the card (top right). Example G123456.
Scratch the rectangle on the back of the card (bottom right)to reveal the password (PIN).


To add money to the card, you can use the Smart Card dispenser located near the Circulation Desk or click HERE for web payment (choose guest).


The process outlined above for Students will be identical for users that have a Guest Card.

Printing from your personal devices
We have enabled several print queues for web Print service. Users can go to the site and login using their CBU network account. Enter your CBU network Id and password. On the landing page look for the link Web Print. Click on this link and go to the main Web Print page. Then click on Submit job and follow the on screen instruction to upload your document. Any Microsoft Office documents from Excel, Word, and PowerPoint are supported. PDF files and XPS files, in addition to some image formats such as JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP and Gif, are also supported. Other document formats are not supported.

Library Computers

All computers on the first floor of the Library and the adjacent Instruction Lab (L-150) are available for use by patrons of the Library. The Instruction Lab computers require students to login. All other computers are public access.

Library Scanner

The Library has two photocopiers/scanners/printers, located on the first floor of the Library.

Scanning costs 5 cents per page. Simply tap your card on the card reader at a Konica Minolta printer, then press the fax/scan button to access the scanning menu. Enter your login (see above) then choose email and enter the destination email address.

You may scan in the following formats: pdf, tiff, jpeg, xps, pptx.

Follow this link to add money to your myCBUcard online at If your parents know your Student ID #, they can also add money by logging into the ‘Parents’ section.

If you are in the Library and wish to use cash to add money to your myCBUcard, you may do so at the Smart Card Dispensing machine located near the Circulation Desk.

IT Help Desk

Contact IT Help Desk for technology assistance.

Circulation Desk - General Inquiries

Phone: 902-563-1320

Research Assistance Desk

Phone: 902-563-1387