Library Events – February, 2017

We had the following events in February, 2017:

Food For Fines

Date: February 6 – 26, 2017

Location: Library

We put out the call for support, and our students responded! Students came out in droves to donate non-perishable food items to the CBU Food Bank during our February Food For Fines Campaign and in exchange, CBU Library waived some of the student Library Fines. In total, 250 food items were collected in support of the CBU Food Bank. Way to go Capers!

Blind Date with a Book or Movie

Date: February 7 – 14, 2017

Location: Library Student Lounge

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a blind date… with a book or a dvd!
For the week prior to Valentine’s Day, patrons could choose a book or dvd from the mystery display and check it out. After unwrapping their surprise, patrons could read/watch their “date” and decide if it was love at first sight or a disaster. They even had a chance to rate their date on the card provided for a chance to win a subway gift card prize.
How did you spend your Valentine’s Day?

George Elliott Clarke Visit

Dates: February 16, 2017 3pm

Location: Library Student Lounge

The Library Student Lounge was full to hear what Canada’s Parliamentary Poet Laureate, George Elliott Clarke, had to say during his visit to Cape Breton University. Mr. Clarke, a native of Nova Scotia, has published an impressive number of novels, poetry, and plays during his career. His work largely explores the experience and history of Black Canadian communities in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, that Clarke refers to as “Africadia”. View the video of Mr. Clarke’s visit below.

Clarke has been recognized for collecting and promoting stories of African writers and poets, and has collected multiple Honorary degrees from various higher education institutions.

John Tattrie Talks about Redemption Songs

Dates: February 21, 2017 3pm

Location: Library Student Lounge

As a result of a collaborative effort between Cape Breton University, CBU Library, CBU Multiversity, African Nova Scotia Association, and the Centre for Sound Communities, Jon Tattrie was on hand to discuss the Nova Scotia connection to the Bob Marley song, as detailed in his new book, Redemption Songs. See the video of his talk below.

Green Book: A play by Juanita Peters

Dates: February 1, 2017 1pm

Location: Centre for Sound Communities

Author Juanita Peters brought to life a compelling story in her play, The Green Book, which was enacted at the Centre for Sound Communities and live streamed to reach more viewers.

In a time when racism was everywhere, the book listed restaurants, gas stations, hotels, and more, where black people would be welcome, making travel so much easier. These difficulties were brought to life in the incredible performance shown in the video below.

Viola Desmond: A Talk with Wanda Robson and Dr. Graham Reynolds

Dates: February 22, 2017 1pm

Location: Library Student Lounge

A great discussion of Viola Desmond’s story was given by her sister, Wanda Robson and Dr. Graham Reynolds as referenced in their new book, Viola Desmond’s Canada: A history of blacks and racial segregation in the promised land. Wanda charmed the audience with her stories of her sister’s hardships while trying to become a hairdresser, even having to go to school in the United States. View their talk by clicking on the video link below.