Winter Semester 2022

Welcome back!

We can’t wait to begin a new year with you! Please review this page carefully for information about the upcoming semester. Any changes will be sent directly to students and announced on this page. Remember to check your CBU email address regularly for updates.

Start Dates for the Winter Semester: January 2022

The first day of classes will be delayed by one week and will now begin on January 17 instead of January 10. 

The only exception to this delay is the Nursing program. Nursing students will begin classes on January 10 in an online format. This will allow the required course material to be taught before students proceed into practice. Keeping these dates on schedule is very important. We will then shift to in-person classes with the rest of the student body on January 17 unless otherwise announced. Nursing labs scheduled for the week of January 10-14 will be held on campus, following the safety protocols put in place during earlier semesters. As campus activity will be extremely limited during this week and labs have small numbers of students, it is safe to proceed with in-person labs.

Campus will reopen for services on Tuesday, January 4, unless otherwise announced.

Important Links and Reminders

Class Types

While the majority of classes will be held in person, there are four different varieties of classes offered at CBU, each of which are outlined below with a preview of how they will look in the system. Additional resources and tools can be found at the bottom of this page. 

CBU’s Important Dates

Academic Timetable: Course Catalogue

Online Live

This means the course will be online (virtual) with a set and scheduled time for meeting. (Example: You may have an online live course that meets every Monday at 10:00am virtually. You’ll need to log in at this time to join the class from your computer, and then complete any other assignments on your own time). This is also known as synchronous

Online Not Live

This means the course will be offered online (virtually), but with no set and scheduled time to meet. (Example: You may have an Online Not Live course that you log in to on your own time. You might watch recordings or engage in coursework that is posted in other formats. You will still have deadlines, so please be sure to read your syllabus). This is also known as asynchronous


This means your course will be offered in-person, on-campus at a set and scheduled time. This will appear in the Academic Timetable with “Cape Breton University Campus” and either “Lecture” or “Lab” listed below it. For this purpose, Lecture will mean class, and may take various formats in-person. (Example: Your course is offered on campus and you will be required to come to campus, and will see a room or location listing and set a scheduled time).

In-Person or Live Online

This means your course will be offered both in-person (on-campus) and Live Online, at the same time. You may choose to attend either in-person (on-campus) or Live Online. (Example: You may choose to attend this course in-person, which means you will come to campus at a set and scheduled time. Your friends, who live in Ontario and New Delhi, may also sign up for this class but will choose the Live Online option. They will log in to attend this class virtually at the same time you attend in person). 

We look forward to welcoming you back to campus!

As always, this decision was made with the health, well-being and safety of our CBU community in mind, and with direction from Nova Scotia’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Robert Strang.